Hormone Pellet Therapy – Males

You found this page for a reason.  Never feel embarrassed because you are not alone.  Nearly 39% of men 45 and older suffer from low testosterone and according to abcnews.go.com 1 in 4 men over 30 have low testosterone.    

Men are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Loss of energy
  • Sluggishness
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Trouble maintaining an erection
  • Absence of a morning erection
  • Irritability
  • Depression

Testosterone pellet therapy may help relieve the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels. as mentioned above.

What is testosterone pellet therapy?

Testosterone pellet therapy is a bioidentical hormone procedure using slow released testosterone in the form of a pellet. The testosterone pellet is the size of a grain of rice and implanted under the skin by a Doctor. Depending on dosing patients may receive 5-10 pellets per procedure.

How does hormone pellet therapy work?

Testosterone pellets release a constant, low level of testosterone lasting four to five months.

Does the Procedure Hurt?

No worse than a shot. The Doctor will cleanse the area just below the waist line towards the buttock where the pellets will be placed. After the area is cleaned, the Doctor will introduce a anesthetic shot to numb the prep area. The shot may sting a little before placing a small incision in the skin with the help of a special tool known as a trocar to insert the pellets. The whole procedure takes less than 20 minutes.

Are they effective?

Yes. Patient’s are very happy with the relief of symptoms after testosterone pellet therapy. Follow-up appointments are made every four months to ensure no returning symptoms.

Are there other options for low testosterone treatment?

Yes. There are injectable forms of testosterone and cream options which are discussed in separate posts.

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