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As we age, more and more people need practical and effective solutions to boost and maintain their health and wellness. By using integrative therapies and a personalized approach, we can create treatment plans to improve each individual’s health and get them on the right track to reach their own personal wellness goals.

Are You Suffering From...

  • Lack of Energy or Fatigue?

  • Weight Issues?

  • GI Problems?

  • Autoimmune Diseases?

  • Trouble Falling or Staying Asleep?

  • Cognition, Attention or Mood Issues?

If so, Twin Cities Integrative Medicine can help you find the answer to these and many other medical problems.

Your Search Is Over

After extensive testing and a comprehensive analysis of your medical history, issues, and laboratory results are completed, Dr. Greg Pippert will discuss all available treatment options during your initial hour-long consultation and formulate a personal integrative medical treatment plan that will set you up for success. 

Advantages of BHRT

Benefits of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is healing-oriented rather than disease-focused. Contrary to the ‘pill for every ill’ mentality, integrative medicine promotes healing from the inside out by identifying the root cause of symptoms and correcting it at the source. This medical approach to care sets the foundation for overall health. It actively addresses the full range of conditions that can affect a person’s wellbeing, such as mental, social, and environmental factors. Working with a practitioner specializing in integrative medicine is a great way to help prevent future medical issues from developing and help you achieve a better quality of life.

  • Prevents Future Health Issues Before They Arise
  • Comprehensive Approach to Care
  • Healing-Oriented
  • Treats the Whole Person, Not Just the Condition or Disease
  • Improved Practitioner-Patient Relationship
  • Personalized Medicine


Integrative medicine gives you the choice of how you want to be treated. Functional and Integrative medicine builds on the advancements we have seen in conventional (traditional) medicine but focuses on prevention and helping each patient achieve optimal health and wellness.

Functional and Integrative doctors tend to treat problems that other doctors categorize as “a part of normal aging.” If you’re experiencing chronic fatigue, loss of sexual desire or stamina, insomnia, weight gain, or many others, rest easy knowing that you don’t have to suffer and help is available. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all formula to treat people. At Twin Cities Integrative Medicine, we know that you are unique and firmly believe you deserve a unique and highly personalized treatment plan. We treat various conditions ranging from adrenal fatigue (also known as HPA axis dysfunction) to leaky gut, autoimmune illness, cardiovascular disease, and many inflammatory disorders.

Simply put, no. Dr. Pippert will not take the place of your primary or family physician, so you would still need to see them for your annual checkup and any acute care needs. We are not here to replace your traditional treatment program but, instead, we want to complement your current health care. You should never stop or delay any treatment recommended to you by your doctor without express permission. We want to emphasize that we are not against conventional medicine; we simply believe there’s a better way of getting your health back on track, which involves getting back to nature.

No! We encourage a proactive approach to health. When symptoms present themselves, it usually means there has been underlying dysfunction in the body for some time prior. The earlier that dysfunction can be addressed, the better.

Unfortunately, no. We don’t treat children. The reason for this is because children don’t have fully developed immune and central nervous systems, therefore, they tend to respond differently to treatments than adults.

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