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Functional Medicine

More and more patients are looking to seek treatment for their illnesses via functional medicine over traditional western medicinal procedures. Similar to counselling and therapy, functional medicine as a valid treatment method has grown in popularity over recent years. But what exactly is it? What is functional medicine? Functional medicine is a form of personalised healthcare that considers your body’s holistic biological framework. Functional medicine blends scientific knowledge with traditional systems of medicine to diagnose illnesses and diseases. Factors such as environment, lifestyle, diet and individual biochemistry are also considered when performing functional medicinal treatment techniques. Practitioners of functional medicine will always take into account their patients’ emotional and mental state and how that correlates with their physical health. Unlike western medicine which is conventionally more clinical in nature, functional medicine directly involves patients in the process and considers more than plain bodily symptoms to diagnose and treat illnesses. What is a functional medicine doctor? A functional medicine doctor takes a patient-centred approach to treating illnesses, rather than a more common disease-centred approach. By doing so, functional medicine doctors take into account more of the individual anatomy and are trained in other biomedical sciences such as:
  • Clinical psychology
  • Counselling
  • Pathology
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Biochemistry (and chemistry)
  • Pharmacology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Human movement
  • Traditional herbal medicines
  • Functional medicine doctors can also identify health conditions utilising a variety of laboratory imaging technologies, which can also help uncover biochemical imbalances within a patient’s body. Functional medicine practitioners believe this internal imbalance to be the root cause of many diseases. Interested in learning more about functional medicine, or even be treated by functional medicine itself? Consider visiting a doctor or functional medicine centre in Minnesota for more recommendations. Such health professionals may be able to resolve your health concerns through the application of functional medicine!
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