Supplements for Men’s Health

There are so many supplements out there, it can be hard to know which ones you should take. The best approach is to find an integrative medicine doctor in Minneapolis and get your bloodwork and other tests done to see...

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Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

When the temperature drops, it seems like everyone is coughing, sneezing and sniffling more. While the cold weather may not be directly linked to illnesses, certain factors can weaken our immune system like staying inside more with dry and recycled...

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Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care Products

Rejuvenate your skin with pharmaceutical grade skincare products available at Twin Cities Integrative Medicine. Pharmaceutical grade skincare products are FDA regulated. The FDA requires 99.9% pure ingredients. Only 5% of skincare industry is under FDA regulation.What's the difference?There are some significant...

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10 Tips for Healthy Skin

Wear Sunscreen One of the most important steps for keeping your skin healthy and youthful is to wear sunscreen. Even if it’s not sunny or you’re just running some errands, put on some moisturizer with SPF. Quit Smoking For numerous...

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Can Omega-3 Help Lower Blood Pressure?

You may have heard of omega-3 or you may already be taking fish oil supplements. This powerful fatty acid provides numerous health benefits, including for cardiovascular health. Learn more about omega-3 health benefits and what the optimal dose is to...

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functional medicine center

All about Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine More and more patients are looking to seek treatment for their illnesses via functional medicine over traditional western medicinal procedures. Similar to counselling and therapy, functional medicine as a valid treatment method has grown in popularity over recent...

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