Longevity Testing Now Available at TCIM

With longevity medicine research booming, there are now several advanced tests available that take a deeper dive into your wellness. Wanting to stay current with the latest testing options, our physicians at Twin Cities Integrative Medicine will be working with two different tests to help our patients be exceptionally proactive with their health. These are TruAge by TruDiagnsotics, and the Galleri test.

TruAge by TruDiagnostics

The TruAge test by TruDiagnostics TruDiagnostics takes your DNA methylation, uses algorithms and artificial intelligence, to estimate your biological age vs chronological. Your chronological age is simply the number of birthdays you have celebrated. What’s more important is how old your body is, your biological age. TruAge can estimate your biological age, as well as your pace of aging. We can then use these results to make lifestyle modifications.

Galleri Test

The Galleri test analyzes your cell-free DNA for methylation patterns associated with certain cancers. Standard medical care currently screens for only a handful of cancers: colon, breast, cervical, prostate, lung and visually appearing cancers like skin and oral. The Galleri test, however, screens for 50 cancers, including several that have lower survival rates. Thus, the Galleri test may pick up a cancer growing long before you would experience symptoms, potentially leading to quicker treatment and a better outcome.

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